Bayanihan Clinic

Bayanihan Clinic was founded in February of 2002 when a group of four UC Davis undergraduates, Julienne Angeles, Thea de Borja, Rosalyn Moya, and Voltaire Sinigayan, recognized the need for a free clinic catering to specific needs of the Filipino community, specifically the Filipino World War II Veterans. Richard Ikeda, executive director of Health for All, became the group's sponsor and supported the development of this community-oriented primary care project.

Over the next few months, the founders chose a name, drafted a mission statement, held a major fundraiser, and chose a site for the clinic. The founders chose the name, “Bayanihan”(<by-yah-nee-hawn), a word from a Filipino dialect, Tagalog, meaning “a collective group of people working together towards a common goal,” to capture two essences of the clinic. Bayani, which is the literal term for “heroes,” recognizes the focus of the clinic's target population, the Filipino WWII Veterans.

In October 2002, the group began its efforts to recruit undergraduate clinic volunteers, specifically Filipino pre-health students. Through this rare opportunity to serve and work closely to meet the needs of the Filipino community, they hoped to encourage and empower these students to pursue a career in medicine. The clinic expanded its recruitment efforts to include a diverse group of undergraduate volunteers passionate about serving the Filipino World War II Veterans and underserved populations. In July 2013, the mission statement was revised to include all Filipino war veterans and Filipino immigrants, to reflect the diversity of the underserved communities of the Greater Sacramento area. As of 2020, the current mission statement is as follows: “Bayanihan Clinic provides accessible primary and preventative healthcare to Filipino immigrants and all underserved communities of the Greater Sacramento area, while honoring the legacy of Filipino veterans through advocacy and community engagement.”

In March 2012, with the help of Richard Ikeda and the Health for All staff, Bayanihan Clinic moved to its second location, 1281 North Avenue in Natomas. Later in July of 2017, Bayanihan Clinic moved to its current location of 3030 Explorer Drive in Rancho Cordova, with the help of Health and Life Organization (HALO). At this current location, Bayanihan clinic and its dedicated volunteers strive to expand its primary services to include a variety of specialty services such as dental services, vision services, wellness and mental health services, a Diabetes Empowerment Program, a Healthy Breast Program, and social services.

When COVID-19 prompted the closure of the clinic's physical space, the clinic volunteers, including its clinic interns, medical students, physician assistants, and physicians, worked closely and diligently to successfully transition the clinic's operations completely to a telehealth platform, an unprecedented transition that allowed Bayanihan's patient community to continue receiving the care they needed safely. The clinic continues to work remotely but is currently working closely with other local student-run clinics to manage a pilot clinic for patients whose needs require an in-person evaluation.

Gender Hormone Clinic

Hello! We’re second year medical students at UC Davis School of Medicine and Medical student co-directors/officers of the student run Gender Hormone Clinic in partnership with the Sacramento Gender Health Center. We aim to serve to the trans/gender non-conforming population in the greater Northern California region through coordination of gender-affirming hormone care and connection to community resources.

Sacramento is becoming a hub for gender-affirming care through the work of the Gender Health Center's Hormone Clinic in affiliation with the UC Davis School of Medicine. The free/donation-based clinic helps transgender and gender non-conforming people from across Northern California access hormone therapy and connect with resources. The clinic is run by medical students under the supervision of licensed family practitioners and with the help of undergraduate volunteers.

Knight's Landing Clinic

The Knights Landing One Health Center, Medical Clinic aims to provide linguistically competent and culturally humble healthcare services to the rural underserved in the Knights Landing area. We seek to fill the gap in primary care services and health education, with particular emphasis on women, adolescents, and farm workers. We are striving to develop a One Health model that links human, animal, and environmental health.

Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic