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Learn more about our 13 student-run clinics that serve the diverse population of Sacramento

1. Bayanihan Clinic:  Providing care to the Filipino and immigrant community

2. Gender Health Clinic: Providing care to the LGBTQIA+ community, with a focus on transgender health

3. Imani Clinic: Providing care to the Black community

4. Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic:  Providing care to the Oak Park community, with a focus on harm reduction strategies

5. Knight's Landing Center: Providing care to the rural community

6. Nadezhda Clinic: Providing care to the Slavic and Russian-speaking community

7. Paul Hom Asian Clinic: Providing care to the Asian community

8. RIVER: Providing pediatric primary care and mental health services

9. Sacramento Street MedicineProviding care to people experiencing homelessness

10. Shifa ClinicProviding care to the South Asian and Muslim communities

11. Stockton Health Reduction ProgramProviding harm reduction services to the city of Stockton

12. Clinica Tepati: Providing primary care services for the Latino community

13. The Willow Clinic:  Providing care to the homeless community

Bayanihan Clinic

Established in 2002, Bayanihan Clinic provides accessible primary and preventative healthcare to Filipino immigrants and all diverse, underserved communities of the Greater Sacramento area, while honoring the legacy of Filipino veterans through advocacy and community engagement.


Gender Hormone Clinic

Gender Hormone Clinic in partnership with the Sacramento Gender Health Center. We aim to serve to the trans/gender non-conforming population in the greater Northern California region through coordination of gender-affirming hormone care and connection to community resources.

Sacramento is becoming a hub for gender-affirming care through the work of the Gender Health Center's Hormone Clinic in affiliation with the UC Davis School of Medicine. The free/donation-based clinic helps transgender and gender non-conforming people from across Northern California access hormone therapy and connect with resources. The clinic is run by medical students under the supervision of licensed family practitioners and with the help of undergraduate volunteers.


Imani Clinic

Imani is a Swahili word meaning faith and it symbolizes the hope students wish to foster within the African-American community. The clinic was established in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento in 1994 after students became concerned about the staggering and persistent morbidity and mortality rates among African-Americans from hypertension, heart disease, cancer and inadequate prenatal care.


Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic

Sharing space in a small building with Sacramento’s Harm Reduction Services, the Joan Viteri clinic provides unbiased health care to intravenous drug users, sex workers and their families. The clinic works closely with Harm Reduction Services to emphasize prevention and education about infectious diseases and HIV testing and to provide drug-related medical and social referrals.


The Knights Landing One Health Center, Medical Clinic aims to provide linguistically competent and culturally humble healthcare services to the rural underserved in the Knights Landing area. We seek to fill the gap in primary care services and health education, with particular emphasis on women, adolescents, and farm workers. We are striving to develop a One Health model that links human, animal, and environmental health.


Knights Landing One Health Center


Nadezhda Clinic

Sacramento region is home to one of the largest Russian-speaking communities in the U.S. As a newly established student-run clinic at UC Davis, Nadezhda Clinic strives to provide free healthcare to underserved Russian-speaking population. We provide interpretative services, focusing on culturally sensitive primary care and working on establishing specialty clinics. 


Paul Hom Asian Clinic

For the Asian and Pacific Islander community, the Paul Hom clinic provides primary and acute care services. Founded in 1972, it is the oldest Asian health clinic in the United States. More than 50 medical and undergraduate students and more than 40 physicians volunteer at this clinic on an annual basis.

paul hom.jpg

Sacramento Street Medicine

Sacramento Street Medicine was established in summer of 2019 and exists to provide high-quality, patient-led medical care to people experiencing homelessness (PEH). We meet the needs of the people we serve where they are – on the streets and encampments throughout Sacramento. 

sac street med.jpg

Recognizing Illnesses Very Early and Responding

RIVER is a mobile pediatric clinic providing free primary care and mental health services to the underserved population in Sacramento.  Bringing care directly to communities in need with school-based clinics will close a major gap in the care network of these children.   RIVER will address acute illness and injury, chronic illness monitoring and health supervision, and will provide screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences.  A seamless referral system for specialized care and mental health services through our affiliation with the Department of Pediatrics and the UC Davis Children’s Hospital will promote sustainability by connecting disenfranchised families to pediatric medical homes, mental health providers, and resources in the community and investing in coordinated prevention services.


Shifa Community Clinic

Shifa Clinic strives to understand, serve, and promote the health and wellness needs of a multilingual, ethnically diverse community. Adjacent to a mosque in downtown Sacramento, the clinic primarily serves patients from the South Asian and Muslim communities. It provides interpretive services and hosts specialty clinics such as dermatology, cardiology and women's health.


Stockton Harm Reduction Program

Stockton Harm Reduction Program extends Harm Reduction Services to the city of Stockton. We provide harm reduction supplies (e.g. syringes, naloxone, menstrual pads, etc.) to people who use IV drugs and collect used syringes from the community.​


Clinica Tepati

Clinica Tepati began in 1974, with a focus on serving downtown Sacramento's underserved and undocumented Latino population. Operating out of space provided by WellSpace Health, Clinica Tepati's Spanish interpretation services enable volunteers to communicate effectively, and provide culturally-sensitive care to more than 1,000 patients each year.  Our clinic also provides diabetes education, exercise programs, and legal and specialty services for our patient populations.


Willow Clinic

Working out of the Salvation Army facility near downtown Sacramento, the clinic provides health care screening and services to a large, homeless population. The clinic's dedication to the homeless prompted the Salvation Army to include the clinic in its renovation plans, setting aside two separate rooms solely for patient care and clinical operations.